We are a Motorcycle Tour Company offering amazing Dual-Sport rides through the Guatemalan countryside. Our motorcycle experiences last from 6 to 14 days and take you to unique destinations on amazing back-country routes.


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Packing For Your Tour

The Golden Rule: Less is More
What to Pack

Having the right gear and equipment for your tour will ensure you have a comfortable and safe experience with us. In this guide we cover the type of clothing, riding gear, and equipment that should be brought by anyone joining us for a tour. We highly recommend our clients bring their own gear to ensure proper fit and comfort.

We like to travel light, and we don’t recommend bringing anything on the tour that you won’t need. Keep in mind we will be staying in hotels every night and will have opportunities to wash clothing and gear periodically. Everyone’s needs and preferences will be different, so use this list only as a reference. If you have a packing system that works for you, by all means use it.

Our tours traverse large elevation changes. Temperature and humidity levels can vary significantly throughout the tour. In general the weather will be warm and mild. A dual sport style jacket and pant combination is usually the perfect attire for riding. If it gets a little cooler or warmer we can always stop to add or remove a layer. We may encounter rain on the trip – most of the time we will be able to stop and let it pass, but it is possible we could get wet, so a water proof jacket is recommended.

Any additional luggage or clothing you travel with can be left in our offices during the tour, so don’t worry about having extra bags. Please take careful note of the required riding gear and contact us if you have any questions.

Riding Gear

Required: Motorcycle helmet, Eye protection, Full ankle boots, Gloves, Warm Layer

Recommended: Motorcycle jacket, Motorcycle Pants, Elbow & knee protection, Waterproof suit


Recommended: T-shirts, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 pair of pants, bathing suit, sneakers/sandals

Not Recommended: Heavy or bulky clothing, jewelry


Recommended: Backpack or canoe bag, camera, smart phone or tablet, toiletries, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug repellent, camelback

Not Recommended: Full size laptops, Large or heavy books, Excess anything!

Our Saddlebags

All of our bikes are equipped with Wolfman E-12 saddlebags. These are a low profile bag that fits everything you need, and nothing you don’t. They have a 22 liter capacity and will be perfect for stuffing in some of your clothing and accessories.

Extra Gear

Our saddlebags will fit some of your gear, but not all of it. We recommend you bring a canoe bag, duffle bag, or backpack of medium size to lash to the luggage rack on the bike. When we pack up our personal bikes for a tour, we put our shoes, books, and clothing in the saddle bags, and we keep our electronics and other valuable items in a backpack strapped to the back of the bike.

If you have any questions about what to bring or how to pack, please contact usand we’ll get right back to you.