We are a Motorcycle Tour Company offering amazing Dual-Sport rides through the Guatemalan countryside. Our motorcycle experiences last from 6 to 14 days and take you to unique destinations on amazing back-country routes.


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Excursions & Activities

Some Add-On Activities
More Than

Want to do a little more than ride a motorcycle? We work with several activity and excursion providers to offer a little-something-extra on our tours. If you’re interested in any of the activities below and would like to fit them in on your ride with MAG Tours, make sure to let us know! (Some of the things you’ll see on our tours are shown on our What to see in Guatemala page).

Spanish Lessons

One-on-one Spanish lessons in Guatemala are affordable and extremely effective. The Spanish dialect in Guatemala is clear and the use of slang is minimal, which makes Guatemala a destination for immersive Spanish lessons.

Coffee Tours & Tastings

Guatemala is world renowned for its coffee. We can take you on a tour of some great coffee fincas, and walk through the entire growing and production process. Of course there are dozens of varieties to try and taste!

Surfing in El Salvador

El Salvador has some of the most renowned surfing in all of North America. Surfers travel from all corners of the world to surf and compete in El Salvador. We can easily add a day or two of surfing to our 11 Day 3 Country tour

Volcano Hiking & Camping

If you have the trekking bug, there are amazing hiking and camping opportunities in Guatemala. One of the biggest draws is an overnight stay on the volcano Acatenango, looking down over another active volcano. We can provide booking with a local trekking agency that provides many single and multi-day hikes.

Exploring Caves

The cave systems in Semuc Champey are a once-in-a-lifetime experience (but are not for the faint of heart). A candle-lit hike through the caves will send you swimming through warm pools, climbing up underground waterfalls, and sliding down natural rock faces. For the adventure seeker

Mountain Biking

We can get almost anywhere in Guatemala on a motorcycle, but for those few unreachable locations, a mountain bike tour is the only option. MTBers travel from around the world to ride the epic single-track Guatemala has to offer. We’ll set you up on a ride with the best MTB agency in the country.

If you have any questions about what you will see in Guatemala, or if you have a special request,
please contact us and we’ll get right back to you.