We are a Motorcycle Tour Company offering amazing Dual-Sport rides through the Guatemalan countryside. Our motorcycle experiences last from 6 to 14 days and take you to unique destinations on amazing back-country routes.


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Common Questions
How much will the tour really cost?

All our guided tours include airport pickup, all hotels, motorcycle rental, gas, border crossing costs, park entrance fees, and airport drop-off. Apart from your airfare ticket and personal insurance and vaccination, you only need to pay for your food and drinks. You can expect $30-50 USD per day for food and drinks depending on your preferences.

What riding skills do I need?

Our tours are a mix of pavement and dirt. Some of the dirt roads can be rough and fairly challenging, especially for riders with little off-road experience. Our tours are rated for intermediate to advanced riders who have dual sport and adventure riding experience. When contacting us, please be honest about your riding history and experience to ensure you have a great time on your tour!

We also offer the same tours for less experienced riders, but we re-route a few of the roads to avoid the more difficult sections.

What about safety?

We put a lot of importance on safety on our tours, both in where we ride, and how we ride.

Our tours have been put together carefully to avoid any dangerous areas. All our guides carry cell phones, emergency contact information, and first aid kits.

We promote safe riding practices at all times on our tours and will not tolerate riders who we feel are riding recklessly or in ways that are endangering themselves or other riders.

Do I need to take any medical precautions?

If you are travelling from the United States or Canada there is no mandatory medical paperwork or shots when entering Guatemala. If you are traveling from a country with Yellow Fever issues (many African and South American countries), it is mandatory you show proof of Yellow Fever vaccination upon entry to Guatemala.

As a precaution we do recommend you be immune for: Hepatitis A and B, malaria, rabies, tetanus-diphteria, and typhoid fever.

Can I use an ATM or CC on the tour?

Some of the restaurants we stop at will accept credit cards, some will be cash only. Almost everyday we will pass by an ATM, so you can always get cash out. However, we recommend showing up for your tour with a few hundred dollars USD on hand, and saving the credit cards as a backup.

What gear should I bring?

All our bikes come equipped with Wolfman Enduro Saddlebags which have a 22 liter capacity. We recommend bringing a small or medium sized bag (duffle, backpack, canoe bag), that can be strapped to the back of the bike. Any extra luggage can be left at our office for the duration of your trip. For a full list of recommended gear and clothing please visit our Packing Guide.

What type of accommodations can I expect?

The hotels we use on our tours are all clean and comfortable. We always do our best to offer our customers the best accommodations available in any location. We travel through some remote areas, so not everything is a luxury stay, but all hotels are between 2 and 4 stars. Our customers are often surprised that many nice accommodations can be found in rural Central America.

How do I sign up for a tour?

The first step is to contact us. Once you’ve spoken with us and we’ve confirmed your tour dates, the following steps need to be completed:

1. Registration: We will direct you to our online booking form which you can fill in and submit.

2. Deposit: We will send you an invoice for the deposit (50% of the tour cost) which can be paid online with Credit Card. The deposit reserves your spot on the tour.

3. Full Balance: The full balance of your tour needs to be paid on day 1 of your tour or your rental.

What if my motorcycle breaks down?

All our bikes are in as-new condition and are professionally and meticulously maintained. The chance of a breakdown on a tour is very small. Your tour guides have a full array of tools, spare parts, and mechanical training to handle roadside repairs. The only common issue on a tour is a flat tire, which we have TONS of experience repairing.

We are under no obligation to replace a motorcycle damaged through dropping, crashing, or neglect.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

When you make a reservation with us and pay your deposit, your spot on the tour is held. Our cancellation fees are as follows:

180 + Days prior to your tour date: 25% cancellation fee (50% of your deposit).

0 – 180 Days prior to your tour date: 50% (your tour deposit is forfeited).

What about responsibility for the bike?

Every rider is responsible for damage to his or her rental bike (up to $1000 USD) as a result of crashing, unsafe driving, or collision. Upon arrival we will place a hold on your credit card for $1000 USD (we can also hold cash if you prefer). When your tour or rental is over we will refund the hold.

Please contact us for further information.

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