We are a Motorcycle Tour Company offering amazing Dual-Sport rides through the Guatemalan countryside. Our motorcycle experiences last from 6 to 14 days and take you to unique destinations on amazing back-country routes.


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Our Motorcycles

A brand new dual-sport fleet!
What to Pack

When it comes to motorcycling in Central America, we believe in selecting the right tool for the job. Riding in Guatemala is different from typical riding in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Roadways are narrow, winding, filled with obstacles, and poorly maintained. This makes riding in Guatemala thrilling and exciting, but it also makes the choice of motorcycle critical.

When deciding on the best bikes for our tours we weighed many factors. We wanted bikes that were maneuverable, light weight, comfortable on a variety of surfaces,  tailored to a mix of dirt and pavement, and most of all FUN! We have 6 years of experience riding and exploring in Guatemala, and after very careful consideration (and a lot of trial and error) we decided on the best possible bikes for the tours we operate. After a couple days in the saddle riding with us, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with our decisions.

Honda Tornado XR250

We have a brand new fleet of Honda Tornado XR250’s, which is our bike of choice for all our tours. The Honda Tornado is a fantastic, well rounded dual sport motorcycle. It has a smooth dual cam motor, wide ratio 6-gear transmission, and we run Pirelli dual-sport tires. For the small winding roads we ride on our tours, there is no bike that is more fun. Big bikes get left behind!

The seat height is 34.5 inches, which is a little taller than a standard road bike, and a little shorter than a full-on dirtbike. For riders who prefer a shorter bike, we can lower the seat height 1.5″ so you can get both feet on the ground. The Honda Tornado is about 300 pounds ready to ride, so it is very easy to maneuver and control.

Yamaha XT250

We also offer the Yamaha XT250, which is a perfect compliment to the XR250’s. We generally recommend this bike for short riders, or riders with less experience. These are sturdy and capable adventure bikes with a seat height of only 32″. They are easy to ride, forgiving, and let you just relax and enjoy the trip!

Kawasaki KLR650

In certain situations we provide the Kawasaki KLR 650 for our tours. This is generally for tours where riders will have a passenger on the bike. In these cases we may skip a couple of the more challenging dirt sections and ride a little extra pavement.

The venerable KLR650 needs no introduction. It is a tried and true adventure touring bike that is fun to ride and in the right hands will take you anywhere.

If you have any questions about what to bring or how to pack, please contact us and we’ll get right back to you.